DR. ANDREW  J. MELCHERT, D.C.For us, Dr. Melchert’s story starts with Dr. Tauer, D.C.  Dr. Tauer, D.C. was the preferred chiropractor for Optimum Health’s Family of clients for over a decade.  It was his skill set that got Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP out of her wheelchair and walking and running again.  Dr. Tauer, D.C. definitely knew what he was doing as was obvious by the fact that all of our clients loved his work and improved tremendously while under his care.  Dr. Tauer, D.C. retired 2 years ago and left his practice to his personal chiropractor, Dr. Andrew J. Melchert, D.C.Dr. Melchert’s methods and philosophies are similar to Dr. Tauer’s.  Dr. Melchert, D.C. earned his D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, which  is the oldest  and largest  chiropractic  school  in the United States.

DR. ANDREW  J. MELCHERT, D.C.Since then he has been practicing for 27 years developing many different techniques and modalities to accommodate his integrated approach.   He  has  studied extremity adjusting,  physiotherapy, and Nimmo techniques for muscles and soft tissues. He has also studied Directional Non-Force Technique and is certified in Total Body Modification technique.

Chiropractic AdjustmentsHow do we know that it is more than just his credentials that are awesome?  First and foremost, he was Dr. Tauer’s personal chiropractor.  The fact that Dr. Tauer trusted him with his own care speaks volumes.  Add to this the fact that Dr. Melchert, D.C. recently assisted Tianya C. Clark, B.S. CNHP with a back injury causing her to be barely able to walk into his office.  He used sensible methods that addressed the underlying cause whether it was the bones, muscle or nerves.  He helped Tianya heal extremely fast!    After one week, she rode her bike for 4 miles and continued pain free!  Yes, Dr. Melchert, D.C. will be concerned with your bones, your muscles, your nerves and more.
We ask the entire Optimum Health Family of clients to, please, join us in welcoming Dr. Andrew Melchert, D.C. to our network of accepted natural health professionals.  We are asking everyone to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Melchert.  Let him become acquainted with your body now.  Let him guide you in your search for structural health.  Let him help you keep your neural communication lines open.  It is essential to reaching your optimum health status!

Dr. Andrew J. Melchert, D.C.

Capital Chiropractic
3201 A Skipwith Rd, Henrico, VA 23294

(804) 282-0403

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