For us, Dr. Melchert’s story starts with Dr. Tauer, D.C.  Dr. Tauer, D.C. was the preferred chiropractor for Optimum Health’s Family of clients for over a decade.  It was his skill set that got Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP out of her wheelchair and walking and running again.  Dr. Tauer, D.C. definitely knew what he was doing as was obvious by the fact that all of our clients loved his work and improved tremendously while under his care. … Continue reading

Detox Foot Bath

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“I have been flying high for 2 weeks.  Then I realized it all started right after I cleansed.”  Alvin F., Richmond, Virginia How does a detox foot bath work? Optimum Health’s detox foot bath is an opportunity for you to relax with your feet in a warm bath of water to release your toxins and leave energized and invigorated!  As the detox foot bath proceeds, the specialized electrical piece in the middle of the water breaks down the … Continue reading

Kidney Issues


“I am feeling great.  I can get out into the yard again and everything.” Alfreda H. Age 45 Gordonsville, Virginia   DEALING WITH KIDNEY ISSUES: A TRI-FOLD APPROACH Dealing with kidney issues using our tri-fold approach has proven very successful.  With our tri-fold approach we help ensure that the nutrients needed for healing are present.  We also focus on removing the toxins and other things that can impede the healing process.  Finally, we help ensure that the … Continue reading

Muscle Pain


“On my first appointment I was able to move my toes again and cross my legs without any assistance.  I slept with almost no muscle pain that night.”  Dorothy P., Louisa, Virginia MUSCLE PAIN GONE! Muscle pain can be gone for good.  Hope starts here!  EVERY client that was diagnosed with fibromyalgia muscle pain has became pain free and stayed pain free!  Yes, for 6 years now, fibromyalgia clients who cleansed their muscles with our total body cleanse process typically become … Continue reading